King of Defense: Battle Frontier 2.0.18


King of Defense: Battle Frontier

This strategy game throws you into the heat of battle as you defend your kingdom from relentless enemy waves. Here's what you can expect:

  • Heroic Defense: Build your team from a vast roster of characters, each with unique attacks. As the enemy onslaught intensifies, you'll need strategic thinking and quick reflexes to keep them at bay.

  • Detailed Yet Simple Visuals: While the game utilizes a top-down, 2D perspective, the characters are rendered with impressive detail. This clear view allows you to meticulously plan your defenses and unleash powerful attacks.

  • Intuitive Controls: Execute your strategies with ease! Simply tap on your characters and towers to initiate attacks and manage your defenses. Precise timing is crucial to repel enemy waves before they breach your territory.

  • Strategic Depth: With a diverse cast of characters and a variety of attack types at your disposal, you'll need to adapt your strategy for each encounter. Experiment with different combinations and develop winning tactics to secure victory in each battle.


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